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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Throw Away The Memories Gradually-1st Step

U wont or u don’t… still have to throw it away..still try 2. Yup its true..
I must learn to forget all the things that last. Even how hard I am, it is reality to be faced .. can’t look back..the past is past, n the future is what I’ve2 face .. God willing, finally, when I can forget all the past, I'd be calm and pleased to receive my destiny.Erase the memory step by step..dat is what I’ve done now.

1st – Start deleting ur Sms in my phone  (sms 2009-2011)

Yup, im successfully deleting aaalllll the msg in my phone memory from you (MrS)..huhu..owh my..i really can’t face it at 1st bcoz..all of our memory in this medium (SMS). Seriously I never imgine that will be deleted by “MYSELF”..Know, evrytime when I miss him, I will read n view all sms from him, no matter sweet msg, sad, angrily..and so on.. I juz want to feel like he is still besides me when I view all that.. But then, without im realize actually it hurts my heart again. Same like whon he broke me..really cant forget him..But then at last  “I ERASE IT ALREADY”

Yup..try..OTW..otw..otw..dunno when..

BTW..thanx lot to my fren Sylviria Jad for “coach” n “supervise” me to erase all dat.. I know dat all my friends want me to 4get him..yeah..its really a big success dat I’ve done. But then, still hve a lot sort of things and memorydat I’ve to erase..Insyaallah..Im juz wondering when the next session of “erase the memoir of you”..hihi..Thanx to all my frenz 4 supportng me.