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Monday, December 30, 2013


I have started miss all the memories during my degree hospital posting in UKSP, HQE about 3 years ago (2010) long long time ago n time being so fast coz now 2013 going to 2014 already. Owh ya, for  your information UKSP stand for Unit Kerja Sosial Perubatan and HQE or QEH is Hospital Queen Elizabeth Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Me at UKSP HQE..
The 1st n foremost things that I miss so much of coz to all da members and staff there. They were very kind, supportive n friendly to me n also my friends. Even I’m just posting here for three months, but so many things that I had learned and everything is still fresh in my mind. It’s not just about how to handle cases, communication with the patients, relatives and colleagues but it’s also about the team of UKSP itself because for me this department is very special teamwork. We have to faced so many kind of patients problem that coming from various type of people with different culture, religion, their lifestyle, their believes and so on. Syukur Alhamdulillah, I’m very lucky for having done my posting here in Sabah because I really want to gain my experience and worked within people which is different with my culture in W’ Malaysia. Here had so many types of nation such as Kadazan/Dusun, Bajau, Sungai, Bisaya, Brunei and others.

Us with Mem Doreen
5S project with them.

I’m so glad for being here and worked with my Boss (Ma’am Doreen Edward). She’s very kind person, warm-hearted, very committed with what she loved to do (helping patient), sporting and so On. Owh ya one more, she’s also a workaholic. For  information, she’s graduated in Social Work from University of Queensland, Australia. She had sharing her experienced with me and all my friends during her study, training and worked there and I’m so glad to hear that and of coz I’m dreaming for having experienced as she had. Wish to further my study n doing PhD abroad..hihi InsyaAllah. The story that I still remembered when Ma’am Doreen have done her training as a social worker in Australia and she supervised by a person who is blind. Yeah her supervisor is blind but from her story, she told us that she’s very proud worked with her supervisor which is a very smart and intelligent, and a very very particular person in what she did. Huhu can’t imagine if was there. Anyway, thanks lot Ma’am Doreen I really admired you.

Members posting HQE- Sylviria, Jauyah n Azza

C darl..miss u gurl

me n my frenz

C Tasha..Geng Bha ini

The memories with all the staff in UKSP, HQE especially Tasha and C Darl (Erinah)..I really miss u girl n I wish we can hang out together again like before. All of u was very “sempoi” n we can chat everything together, going out for having meal together, laughing as loud as we want..haha n also having a makeup n touch up time (gegurl)..hohoho I miss all that things so much.. Also another colleagues Kak Kath, Kak Mariah, Kak TiQ, Kak Syarifah and only boy here C Awang. Miss u all so so much. Wait for me ar guys, I’ll meet u guys in Borneo soon..I’ll let u know when I’m there. Orait dear, I wanna stop my entry here till we meet again. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Penyatuan Dua Hati ~Aliza & Zaiham~

Assalamualaikum guys
As I promise, I will update the entry about myBff Aliza’s wedding. Alhamdulillah last week 22/11/13 at 10pm Aliza dah selamat n sah jadi isteri kepada Zaiham Yaacob. Seperti yang ditunggu-tunggu, my geng which is me, Aliza, Cpah, Zaleha n her beloved husband Jojo dapat berkumpul sama2. I really miss that moment so much, teringat waktu study sama2 di UMS dulu..huhu.

As we planned before, me , C’pah, Zaleha n Jojo melaporkan diri sehari sebelum Leza’s Solemnization which is hari khamis semua dah ada kat Kota Bharu. Malam tu dah sampai sana macam besala tolong bakal pengantin apa yang patut kan, kena pakaikan inaila..lyan bagaikan princess gitu. Tugas kite jadi assistant C’Pah pakaikan inai unt Leza n jga dya xmo bg rosak inai. Maklumla C Leza ni kalau dah tido memang xengat dunia.. alih2 jam 630am jugak baru dapat tdo n jam 8am da bgun nak p knduri. Akad nikah berlangsung pada 22/11/13 (santek date) jam 10am.
Pengantin sempoi..mcam2 la hang ni Alizee
Seronok bile berkumpul wit myBFF

Alhamdulillah..sah menjadi isteri kepada En Zaiham Yaacob

Pn Aliza (uhuk2) & En Zaiham (terus tkar status)
On her reception 

Me, Cpah, Za n Leza's Mom
Cian budak ni ha..tolonnngg..

"Single"...single la sgat..

Selamat Pengantin Baru Aliza & Zaiham
Sama2 la kita doakan kebahagiaan rumahtangga dorang
SSOOOO!!!!..the next person is...AINA aka ME orrr C' PAH??
Hahaha..sabor je..mane2 pun xkisah..ada jodoh ada la tu kan. Mesti update punyer nant.
Orait bye Assalamualaikum.