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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thesis: Data Collection

Data Collection in progress...Hohoho..Not easy as I thought before
Before I'm start collecting my data, I never ever think that this is a really though process. Though??? Yup, quite though, need to be more more patient than before and have to prepare  physically and mentally also. Its not at all because I've to faced various type of patient n staff nurse, various disease n illness, how they behave... all things...huhu. It's really make me feel challenged. Sometimes I got stressed just because the number of samples that did not reach the target...up the stairs to achieve almost 200++ samples. How tired n how stressed I am, I know that is a small challenge to me and I have to face all this with all my strength, be patient... That's true, Not easy to be Easy n Not Hard to be Hard. What I need to do is put my double trouble effort on this and make it as "Batu Loncatan" to success in my study... InshaAllah. Sabar...Sabar...Sabar...till the day comes to you Aina.

So, for all my frenz out there, be strong n make an effort to success, believe that all those things that we faced today will repay on next day. Cayoookkk...Usaha Tangga Kejayaan....zzZZZZzzz..So, less talk n do more. 

P/S: Knock...knock..wake up, collect ur data now Aina..Finish it ASAP..

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