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Friday, January 14, 2011


Times go on but im still there..still there n there..dunno when to make a new movemt to my own life..evrybody hve ch00se their own path ways..trgin jga nak mrasa sometin new n begin a better life than bef0re but then not moving i doesnt mke any effort to change my life??? im wondering myself about...i want t0 live behind weat da past dat i hve face b4..trying so hard to f0rget but i cant..cant or dun want??? argh..mke me relly 10sion..
      But then, Thankful to ALLAH, coz masih bagi ksempatan untuk merasai nikmat khidupan ini..DIA kurniakan sya keluarga yang sentiasa menyokong (syang mama & abah, al0ng n adik2), to all my frenz yang tak jemu memberikan kata2 semngt n owez give me a cheerful and wonderful m0ment (luv u za, leza, pah, k'tQah, k'Tbah, Dah, Beb, alyna..and all ar0und me)..k0rang smua tetap dalam hati..thanx ya..Im realize dat ive s0 many people around me loves me much more in any ways of my life...
I really have t0 move on..try to m0ve..h0pe i can m0ve on.
i can d0 it..can do it..

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